PAN Solutions is presently active in the following sectors:

  • Energy industry
  • Gas industry
  • Heating industry
  • Oil industry
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Capital market
  • IT Sector
  • Media and telecommunication


Grounds for good cooperation:

  • Diligent prioritization of interests and definition of the desired outcome.
  • Provision by the client of professional information necessary for the analysis or documentation.
  • Collation of resources with the client.
  • Appointment of a liaison person on the part of the client, to closely cooperate with the PAN Solutions team.
  • Regular meetings with the client’s management, summarising actions taken and updating of priorities and interests.

A legislative amendment in the making must be intercepted in the earliest stage and lobbied for the duration of the legislative process starting with the drafting at the ministries, continuing with the government approval and discussions in the Chamber of Deputies, its committees and factions, all the way to the vote in the Senate and the final signing by the President. 
In the course of the process, positive media reception must be arranged for the amendment, and the ultimate goal and direction must be reassessed as per the development.

PAN Solutions prefers long-term cooperation, based on a close relationship with the client, achieving a win-win situation, over a short-term, albeit more lucrative contract, which may end in disappointment caused by the failure to achieve an instant result.

The cooperation may take the form of:

  • A joint definition of goals, strategy of action, co-ordination of activities; periodical review.
  • Regular communication and co-ordination of activities with the client.
  • Regular monthly progress report on the developments in the media, political parties, in the Parliament and in the government.
  • Early warning of any parliamentary or governmental efforts to amend legislation.
  • Building of a broad coalition in accordance with the client’s interests.

We are confident that a transparent environment is the basis of and an inherent element in the development of our society. Violation of this principle would, in our view, undermine the fundamental principles of democracy. Transparency is also key for economic development. We believe that in the long term, any interference with transparency would turn against the client’s interests and jeopardise his market position. Our believe in transparency is one of several reasons why PAN Solutions plays a leading role in establishing of an Association of Public Affairs firms in the Czech Republic.

Services of PAN Solutions in the Czech Republic:

  • Analysis of the present and future laws, regulations and decrees in the given area, including information mining and gathering.
  • Regular monitoring of legislation which could pose a risk for the client’s activities within legislative monitoring and early warning system.
  • Political audit of threats and opportunities for the client’s strategic decisions.
  • Professional research, formulation of a strategy and communication with government officials, elected deputies and senators.
  • Lobbying for the client’s interests vis-á-vis the central and local government.
  • Supporting foreign investor’s entry to the Czech Republic.
  • Achieving a broader consensus with other interest groups in the client’s sphere of interest, including selection of other interest groups, contacting them and engaging in relations, identification of common interests and coalition building, and organisation of a conference on the given subject.
  • Professional consulting in projects co-funded by the EU or other international organisations.

The third edition of the publication “Business Guidebook: How to Succeed in the Czech Republic”

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